Friday, November 12, 2010

November 13, 2010

Adam ~

Mom filled the tub for me and Jack the other day. I crouched on the edge of the tub and then, just to be sure, I looked at Mom and asked, "No cannonball?" *sigh* The answer was no.


Whenever I get caught by Mom doing something that I know is naughty I'll tell Mom to be quiet, like this: "Adam, are you playing with Mike's Legos?" "Mom! Shh, be quiet."


Grandma caught me picking my nose and asked me if I wanted a tissue. I told her, "No thanks. I like to roll them."


Adam and I are learning to potty on the toilet. Sometimes when I'm sitting on the potty and Adam's waiting for his turn he'll make sure my aim is right by pointing my winkie down for me. He's a good brother.


I miss my daddy a lot because he gone most of the week driving his big truck. So I call him on my Lightning McQueen cell phone and talk to him all the time.


Whenever Mom carries me downstairs I ask her to go upside down, so she flips me over and holds me by the waist. Then we go down the stairs upside down. I like it so much I always ask her to do it again.