Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May 12th

Grandma's house - Pumped 1/2 bottle of liquid soap into the bathroom sink. Ran water until the sink filled with bubbles. Bubbles smell great and are fun to play in! Grandma found me and stopped all the fun, so I went to the other bathroom and started over with the bottle of soap in there. Killjoy, I mean Grandma, put the kibosh on that, too.

Had BRIGHT EMERALD GREEN poop. Mom suspects that it is from all of the black licorice that I ate yesterday.

May 11th

Blueprints seem to have disappeared.

Put ice melt in Spanky's food dish. Spanky subsequently threw up. I don't think Mom appreciated my help in making sure Spanky is well-nourished.

May 10th

Found Mom's brand new pen. Wrote note of support and admiration to Mike in his brand new book. Invented door-opening device. Used pen to draw blueprints on my arms and face until a more permanent copy can be made.

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  1. You should know that Kory is naughty, but he is no where near this naughty. Totally boss. You know why? Cause it doesn't happen at my house.