Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Monday, May 18

Mommy has taught me a new trick. When I want something done that I can't do myself, I show Mom what I want and say "hep," then Mommy helps me with whatever it is that I need. It's great. If the bucket won't go on my tractor, I say hep. If I want my snacks opened, I say hep. Today I wanted to go outside. I hung on the doorknob with both hands, tilted my head back, and called "heeehhhhhp!" When that didn't work, I threw myself on the floor and screamed. I wonder why Mom never let me go outside.

Tonight I learned that fry sauce is a great moisturizer. See it there on my right arm, all the way up to my shoulder? I also rubbed it into my face. Guess what else fry sauce is good for:

Styling gel!

Daddy and I always play the funnest games together. Tonight we played "I'll run around naked and shrieking while you chase me with my pajamas!" I love that one.

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