Wednesday, May 27, 2009

May 27, 2009

Sometimes when Mom is busy with Jack, I take the opportunity to explore. I found out that I can open the kitchen drawers and they make a great ladder. After I was up on the counter, I turned on the faucet and played in the sink. Then I made my was across the stove, stopping to open Daddy's bottle of medicine. Too bad it was empty. Then I found this neat black thing to sit on. I saw Mom making sandwiches with it last night. I was just about to try twisting the knob on the side when Mom came into the kitchen.

She ruins all of my fun!

Later, I went into her sewing room. I love to pull all of the bobbins out of their case and unwind the thread on the floor. But the bobbin case seemed to have some kind of force field surrounding it. Just then Mom walked in and said "I taped it shut. Ha!"

Why is she so mean?

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