Thursday, May 21, 2009

May 20, 2009

That blasted mother of mine undid all of my wallet organizing skills. So I dumped the entire contents on the floor. It took her a good fifteen minutes to put all of the change, pictures, coupons, business cards and all that other adult crap back where she wanted it. I am patient, though. I'll wait until tomorrow and then put everything back where it belongs. Eventually, I will wear her down and she will submit to my superior wallet-organizing skills.

Mom took me for a drive today, just Mommy and me. We went to the doctor where a nice lady poked my finger and then squeezed some pretty red stuff out. It was fascinating. She had to squeeze for a long time to get enough of the red stuff to fill up a little glass tube. Then a man came in and looked in my eyes and ears and even in my diaper. I'm suspicious of this man. What was his motive? He left the room shortly after he came in. I wanted to go with him but I had to stay with Mom. Then the nice lady came back and SHE STUCK A NEEDLE IN MY LEG! A NEEDLE! I said "Ouch!" then she put a Band-Aid on the hole in my leg. The Band-Aid has Mater on it. It was cool.

We buried a dead chicken before bedtime. Mike and Noel cried. I don't get it. We got to dig in the dirt! My brother and sister are weird.

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